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Glory glory Man United
23 August 2014 @ 01:50 am
I wanted to have a little questionnaire post for me to get to know my new friends. Also for me to get to know my old friends! So, fill it out bitches.

1. Name/nickname:
2. Age (if you want.. or you could lie. I'll be none the wiser):
3. Location:
4. Give me a top five list of any subject you choose (i.e. Top 5 reasons Johnna rules, but that's just a suggestion *g*):
5. Your favourite movie, book, TV show, musical artist or band, and colour:
6. Recommend something to me (book/music/LiveJournal):
7. Do you remember on Friends when everyone had their list of five celebrities that were essentially "freebies"? Meaning if they were involved in a relationship but met a celebrity that was on their list, they could still fuck them without their partner getting angry. So, who's on your list?:
8. And most importantly.. what brought you over here? How did you find me? Why did you friend me? Etc etc:
Glory glory Man United
Things that are good today: 
  • 5-0 to the Manchester!!! Another hat trick for Wazza, a hell of a comeback for Chicharito with 2 goals. Beautiful beautiful boys
  • It's a lazy Saturday.
  • Rafael Nadal is in the US Open final!!!
  • I had great Thai food tonight om nom nom.
  • I'm on my third glass of wine.
  • I have Love Actually on the TV.
  • There are 2 sleeping dogs at my feet.
  • ETA: Ooooh this icon makes me happy. :D
Things that are not so good today:
  • Tom Cleverley hurt, possible broken foot. :(
  • Roger Federer out of the semis of the US Open after being up 2 sets and 2 EFFING MATCH POINTS FOR THE SECOND GODDAMNED YEAR IN A ROW RAAAAAAAWR. (See the note about wine above.)
  • Dynamo lose another away game. Boo.

So yes. That is my day. Tomorrow is start of workout exercise program, dammit. Plus I need to practise my choir songs.

Oh Also, I'm on Pottermore!!! It's not my main account, but until that one gets allowed in, I'll be using it (and maybe after depending on how I'm sorted haha.) It's SilverKnight156, friend meeeee (but just let me know who you are!)

Glory glory Man United
Hello everybody!! I've decided I miss LJ. I miss the community of it. Facebook and twitter are fine but it's like.. I know everyone there? I don't know how to explain it, I won't meet that many new people on twitter and pretty much no new people on facebook. I miss randomly commenting on someone's journal and making a new friend.
So I'm back. (I say that a lot, but now it's for real.) Going to be posting more and commenting more. I've always kept up with my friend's list but haven't commented on a lot.
In real life: Work is still awesome. We got a new puppy! Jason found her in the middle of a road and brought her home. We were going to find her a good home but she got along with Giggsy pretty well, so we decided to keep her.
So, introducing.. Miss Ellie!!Collapse )

In other real life news: I'm starting my diet/exercise thingie this week. After all the ups and downs with my weight following the chemo, I've sort of leveled out and am about 30 pounds heavier than I'd like to be. So, my goal is by the time my 30th birthday comes around (next June), I want to have lost 20 pounds or so. I'm also going to reward myself with some sort of trip around that time.. either to Spain or Greece or to Wimbledon or maybe a combo. *nods*

Fandomwise: United played beeeeeautifully last weekend. I wish we could play like that every week! Not even scoring 8 goals, just the way we played. Gorgeous passing, team work, just beautiful.

Still not in Pottermore. :( This makes me v. sad. What is the point of me staying up all goddamned night to register if people that registered AFTER me are already in and talking about how awesome it is? Ugh. I'm nervous about the sorting though. I've always considered myself a Gryffinpuff or a Huffledor. I *think* I'm more Gryffindor, but idk. I just want a beautiful wand and a house to call my owwwwwwwn.

New fandom (ish) is tennis. I've always been a Federer girl, but whilst watching the French Open in June, I thought "why haven't I seen before that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal are shagging?" So I've read a lot of fic and interviews and the such. And now I love them both, though not equally because Federer has always been my true love (after Sampras back in the day), but Rafa is so gorgeous and mrawr. And via fedal_slash I realize that they are so damn slashy, it makes me happy. And that they wear the same clothes.Collapse ) Oh, boys.

Anyway, so this is a very long entry. BUT IT WILL NOT BE THE LAST MOO HA HA. Also, if anyone here doesn't know... you can find me more often on my twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/yanks02 . I used to be locked down but I think I'm going to open it up so I can meet more people. Friend me over there if you'd like!
Current Music: USOpen
Glory glory Man United
19 June 2011 @ 05:38 pm
I won't even say the normal "long time, no post" comment because it's getting a little old. I know. I just never feel like I have anything to say here anymore.

What's new with me? Moving into a house (rental but still, yay no more people stomping around on top of me!) next week with my friend Jason. I have a foster puppy now and I'm hoping to find him a home in the next week otherwise he's going to have to go to another foster home which will make me a little sad.

Also, HARRY POTTER TRAILER!!!! I wasn't expecting to see the resurrection stone scene and then all of a sudden Lily and James and Sirius and Remus are standing there saying they'll stay with Harry until the end and omg I let out a sob to end all sobs. I am going to die in the theatre. I can't believe it's been, what, 8 years of my life? Gah.

yeeeah so that's about it. Hallo to all my flist!
Glory glory Man United
01 May 2011 @ 10:39 pm

Love the pics and video from outside the White House. Dude in a Jozy Altidore jersey with a US flag leading the chants!!!
Glory glory Man United
24 April 2011 @ 09:26 pm
Holy cow, United, way to kill me. I've just been sitting here crying big fat tears for the past hour. I thought it was remarkably well done, really portrayed the Babes well. Tennant was fabulous in it, as he always is, but man that film hurt me. Giggsy probably thinks I'm having some sort of seizure or something. *cuddles her*

Watching it made me realize how much I despise the people that sing Munich chants. Especially City fans. One of your ex players died in that crash yet you spit on his grave by singing about it in jest? I hope hope hope that at least some people will have watched it and realize that it's not clever or funny to sing about people dying. Ugh.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good Easter or a good Sunday if you are like me!
Glory glory Man United
02 March 2011 @ 09:00 pm
It's been aaaages since I posted! Ugh, sorry.

Anyway, oblig 9 moar days until I go to EngerlanD!!! post. Am hella excited. And I promise, I'm here and reading everyone's posts, just not really posting myself. Sorrrrrry.
Glory glory Man United
Does anyone have any good fanfic recs for X Files fic? I was in the fandom before I realized what fandom was and a looooong time before I discovered fanfic.

I need some good, long, in character, smutty Mulder/Scully fics peeps. Anyone know where I can get them?
Glory glory Man United
13 December 2010 @ 07:04 pm
I got my bonus and it's a pretty substantial bonus. This is my first real grown up job and the first year I've actually been able to bill for seeing patients and doing surgery so I was shocked when I opened up the envelope. I actually called my mom whilst sitting in my car and was crying and saying "I don't think this check is real!"

I'm excited because I can pay off one of my student loans (the one with the lowest balance but the highest interest rate) and all my medical bills for the past 3 years. So I can start next year with a clean slate with the medical bills! (I am still mad that I have to pay money because I was *lucky* enough to get cancer but whatever.) And still have enough to buy either a new couch or a new mattress since I need both.

I'm still scared to cash the check haha. I feel like I'm going to be arrested for bank fraud lol.

Anyway, yeah, I have been very excited about this all day but it's hard to talk to real life friends about stuff like this. So I wanted to squee on here. Go back to whatever you were doing.
Glory glory Man United
12 December 2010 @ 04:00 pm
But here I am with a so-wrong-yet-so-hot Sirius/Harry rec from Daily_Deviant's Kinky Kristmas. It's my favourite kind of Sirius/Harry full of chan and dub con and past Sirius/James and wonderfulness.

So go read it plees. Blurring The Lines.